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About Us

We help wellness practitioners of all kinds to become fluent in the potent holistic wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine's 5 Element theory. Sarahpeutics Practitioners understand their own and their clients' symptoms (AKA pain and discomfort), within the context of their history, constitution, environment, and the seasons, and alchemize those symptoms into strength. 

Students of our practices come from a variety of modalities, including yoga, massage therapy, Thai massage therapy, fitness instruction, physical training, acupuncture, western medicine doctors and nurses, talk therapy, art therapy, and more.  Whatever your modality, Sarahpeutics' mission is to spread knowledge of the holistic tools you and your clients and students need, in a digestible, fun and easy way.

We are so excited to support and witness your journey!

Why You Should Join Us

This community is where the magic happens.  

Plant the seeds of your 5 element practice though a class, workshop, online course, or training with Sarahpeutics. Grow those seeds into a fruitful orchard of wisdom with this community. 

Here we ask questions, practice speaking and seeing the world through the lens of the 5 elements, find solutions together, and grow deeper and higher, with an interconnected network of roots to support us always.

Big Gratitude

We offer boundless gratitude for the process of learning through giving and receiving, and to everyone adding momentum to the upward spiral of thriving on this planet, of connecting and healing, seeking and being radically contented.

The Sarahs experience healing as a journey of expanding trust. We heal as we allow our environment and community to support us and reflect our love -- as much in times of joy as in times of sadness. 

This is compassionate co-creation. 

Thank you for joining us.